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Tax and Business Services

Everyone knows the challenge in finding a reliable, ethical, knowledgeable and personable accountant or tax professional.  VIRTUAL ONLINE TAX & SERVICES LLC (V.O.L.T.S.) meets all of these qualities. Whether you need help with a simple tax or a business tax with more complexities, V.O.L.T.S is  ready to take on all of your tax preparation and accounting demands. Working with V.O.L.T.S you can rest assured your financial matters will be handled with care. Explore our site to learn more about our areas of expertise.

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Personal and Business Tax Preparation

Form 1040

Schedule  C / Income Property

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Corporate Tax Preparation & Formation

LLC / S Corp / C Corp

Partnerships/ Non-Profits

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Independent Contractors    Small Businesses    Corporations

Discussing the Numbers

Tax Debt Settlement

Offer In Compromise

Business Meeting

Business Consultation

Business Operations

Individual Coaching 

Leadership Development

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Public Speaking

Tax Workshops

Corporation Advantage

Leadership Training

Sales and Recruitment

Credit Services

Credit Repair

Corporate Credit

Making Notes

Paralegal Services


Child Support / Custody


Car Accidents

Name Change

Small Claims

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V.O.L.T.S. is your one stop shop for all of you personal, financial, business and tax needs. Request an online appointment!

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