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Independent Contractors and Corporations

Financial Consultation



                                                               Independent Contractor
                                                                  Corporation Bundles 
(LLC, Partnerships, S Corp, C Corp, LLP etc.)

These Bundles are designed to help you as an Entrepreneur, Independent Contractor and Business Owner. Successful businesses have their tax and financials in order! Take this part of your business and put it on the right track starting now.  As a full service business provider, our goal is to give your business, a Bookkeeper, an Accountant, and a Tax Professional for one monthly fee that is all inclusive.  Most CPAs will charge you around $350+ per month per business entity, just to do your Bookkeeping/Accounting.  You would need to pay additional for your tax returns to be prepared!  All of these services are not options, but necessary for your business.  However we know that it comes at an unaffordable price especially when you are first starting out. We created these bundles with the new business owner in mind. This is why we have made these services available and affordable for you! (Plus it helps that it's a Tax Deductible Professional Fee)

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